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Guardians are warriors of The Light from all walks of life. Their destiny is to maintain the front lines in the constant struggle of Light Vs. Dark in the gray zone of choice, planet Earth. Each Guardian’s mastery was a lone, hard-won trial by fire and a baptism of struggles until their faith was made impervious to doubt. They come from the ranks of the unwashed, huddled masses, the tired, the poor, the down-trodden, the nameless, the faceless, the obscure—but they are mighty… for in the last days, “…the first shall be last and the last shall be first.”

These warriors uphold a code of honor; at their hands no innocent may be killed—only those entities from The Dark Realms may be annihilated, as the Highest Court in the Universe, the real Supreme Court beyond the courts of man, has already passed sentence on the legions of enemies. The Guardians walk a delicate line, where the end is not enough to justify the means. The way they go about their course must be that of the straight and narrow, so they must be prudent and be sure that they have not violated any spiritual laws of light in their quest to protect the Neteru.

At all times, there must be 144,000 guardians on the planet. 12 x 12, representing the original 12 tribes that came together to form the original Covenant.

Not all Guardians are necessarily combatants. Some are dispatched to work with spirits and seal fissures and tears in the veils between worlds. Others work with world leaders, sharing wisdom, compassion and justice. Some work the streets, some work in schools to guide young minds while others might flush out demon nests.

Types of Guardians[edit | edit source]

Shadow Walkers[edit | edit source]

said to be as rare as Neteru's, only 1 Shadow Walker is known to exist throughout the series. She's the daughter of the Neteru's Carlos Rivera and Damali Richards-Rivera. She's a Shadow Walker-Neteru with inherited Vampire and Angel traits from her parents.

The Neteru[edit | edit source]

Is also a sensor… one blessed with all of the above-mentioned spiritual gifts, but yet stronger, more naturally skilled, and thus considered omnivoyant (in possession of all extrasensory capacities.) But this special being is also different physically than the other Guardians. Although mortal like his/her Guardian brethren, The Neteru’s bone structure and muscle mass is denser, his/her skin is more elastic, vital organs are more shielded by extra layers of ligament and tissue—to enable The Neteru to sustain injuries during battles that might be life-threatening to the normal human… The Neteru’s metabolism burns faster… and his/her antibodies along with an unbreakable spiritual will, are designed to converge upon a demon or vampire bite and purge the system of the viral infection to ward off a possession or vampiric turn. The Neteru has a natural immunity to a demonic or vampire bite. For more information on Neteru's, see the full article: Neteru.

Neteru Guardians[edit | edit source]

Neteru Guardians are elite special forces guardians. Selected from all cultures represented, they're tasked with the divine order to protect and guard the Neteru. For more information on Neteru Guardians, see the full article: Neteru Guardians.

Tactical Guardian Sensors [edit | edit source]

Tacticals feel the onset of spiritual danger, and are particularly sensitive to Levels One and Two of The Dark Realms— where ether-based manifestations dwell.

Olfactory Guardian Sensors[edit | edit source]

Smell and taste the onset of danger, and are especially sensitive to sulfur trailing entities that are more prevalent in Levels Three, Four and Five of The Dark Realms. These are they most coveted Tracker Guardians.

Audio Guardian Sensors[edit | edit source]

Hear the whispers of spirits, and are particularly tuned-in to the slightest sound coming from the embodied manifestations of were-creatures from Level Five, and the nearly soundless passage of Vampires on Level Six.

Seer Guardian Sensors[edit | edit source]

See between worlds with their third eye, and are invaluable to any Guardian team. They are the vision of the group; they are able to utilize information from dream states, the consciousness, and through honed telepathy. These are the most sensitive of all Guardians, and they are also blessed with The Fruits of The Spirit… heightened discernment, wisdom, knowing.

Stonehengers[edit | edit source]

Have the ability to feel life in stones.

  • Heather Weinstein

Real Life Artists[edit | edit source]

Can bring any painting they draw to life.

Were Humans[edit | edit source]

  • Kamal † (Half-Human, Were-Jag.)

Unknown Specialty[edit | edit source]