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The Vampire Huntress Legend Series is a 12 book series with a comic and spin off series and 2 anthologies to go along with it, there remains quite a bit more (poorly/undocumented) content in the series. The extra content expands the lore of the series and goes into greater detail of what went on in certain events or situations or even in the minds of the characters themselves, including characters you normally don't get to see the point of view from.

All known additional content has been organized below in the appropriate chronological order, or as close as it can be. Some stories may need to be moved and some haven't been placed yet. The explanations of what some of the additional content are may also contain spoilers.

Vampire Huntress Legend Series Reading Order:

The Special Huntress Edition of Minion contains altered scenes and additional scenes. The original intro chapter was cut. To get the full narrative, it is suggested that you read chapters and content from both versions.

Sources of Content[edit | edit source]

The Vampire Huntress Legend Series (12 novels)[edit | edit source]

Dawn and Darkness (4 comics)[edit | edit source]

Neteru Academy Novels[edit | edit source]

Anthologies[edit | edit source]

Additional Short Stories[edit | edit source]

Official Website[edit | edit source]

The following content was originally available on the official website which no longer exists outside of archives.

Vampire Huntress Legend Series Trailer[edit | edit source]

Good vs. evil with a passion like no other. Damali, a vampire-huntress and spoken-word artist cannot turn back to a normal life. She is the Neteru, a warrior, who must fight to save mankind from the evil that haunts us. Join the good fight at-

Vampire Huntress Legend Trailer

Created by COSfilms and released on February 06, 2007.

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