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Vampires are predatory creatures from the Dark Realms that drink living human blood to survive and grow stronger; characterized by their fangs and claw-like fingernails which they use to severe flesh and feed on blood. They are the titular enemies of the Vampire Huntress Legend Series and are encountered very often as they are one of Lucifer's chief minions as well as his emissaries on Earth. Their world is very orderly, maintaining a balance of orderly discretion strategic aggression.

Their language Dananu - Power, or as humans call it Vampyre is made up of the native tongues of all the past and present members of the Vampire Council.

Population[edit | edit source]

The Vampire Council has strict rules about how many vampires can be made or topside at any given time. If they allowed turns to go unaccounted for, the supply of human blood would quickly run dry, leading to the starvation of the vampire race.

When vampires feed, they only leave behind 2 small puncture marks. Though they often cover this up to make the death look like an accident to not draw attention to their activities. Vampires seduce their victims, turning only willing humans so the soul doesn't get taken to The Light in the event of their death. Assuming their soul didn't have anything else to damn them, unwilling vampire turns will be brought back to Heaven by Warrior Angels who will try to take other border souls while there. Their turns are marked, so another vamp will come for them. It takes 3 full days for a bitten human to fully turn.

All vampires made and slain are registered in the Council's docket.

Territory[edit | edit source]

Vampires claim territory and mark it like wolves. If a vampire is caught hunting in the wrong territory, the others will attack them. Jose Ciponte said his grandfathers people, the Creeks believe that vampires are nomadic but travel in the same route they've been following for centuries.

Vampires aren't allowed to travel internationally without council sanction.

Generations[edit | edit source]

Vampires are ranged based on their generation. Members of the Vampire Council can make any person or vampire into a master. Masters make seconds and so on. Anything past the fourth gen can't present fangs and are considered an embarrassment by the Chairman, Dante. Each continent has a master vampire, with a final, South America, reserved for the Council.

Vampire Lines[edit | edit source]

Each member of the Vampire Council has dominion of a master vampire. The throne retains the collective knowledge and history of the line and the line retains knowledge of the line. All second gen and below vampires have an internal snap-reflex in their DNA to preserve the master of the line.

When Carlos burned to ash in the sun, both Father Lopez and Jose Ciponte felt the need to rush down the side of a cliff and get to Carlos. Despite not being full vampires, they still felt the need to preserve the master of the line on a DNA level, something Jose noted that neither of them would openly admit to or talk about.

Vampire Council[edit | edit source]

The Vampire High Council is both a location and a group. The Vampire Council are de jure, the ruling body of level 6, Hell. The Chirman or Chairwoman leads the Vampire Council and is supported by their 5 Councilmen and or Councilwomen. For more on the Vampire Council, see the full article: Vampire Council

Master Vampires[edit | edit source]

Only masters can go subterranean. They're led to believe that Neteru's are a myth so they don't go after a female in an attempt to create daywalkers, which would give them power over the council. Master Vampires each report directly to a member of Council. The Council maintains 5 master vampires top side to maintain the balance or power. All vamp actions in a masters lair are transmitted to them.

In Dracula's era, the method of transportation for master vampires during the day was to be carted from location to location while in their coffins by loyal vamp helpers.

They travel with 5 points of the pentagram. They have 5 female second gens and 5 male body guards. The master is the crest of the pentagram.

The following are the Master Vampires and their territories during the events of Minion (Novel) through to The Bitten where Damali Richards-Rivera, Carlos Rivera and the rest of the Neteru Guardian Squad eliminated all but Fallon Nuit, who had previously been killed in The Awakening. Carlos won the territories of all the other masters in The Bitten before killing them all and then being killed himself. Before this, he inherited North and South America when he and Damali had previously killed Fallon Nuit. Upon Carlos' death and rebirth in The Light, Carlos' lieutenant Yonnie is the only remaining master vampire. From that point on, vampire territories are mentioned less frequently or not at all.

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia
    • Harold McGuire
      • Was descended by council after the Raise the Dead Concert to maintain the balance of power topside.
  • Europe
  • North America
    • Fallon Nuit † (US and Canada)
      • Killed by Carlos Rivera
    • Carlos Rivera
      • Inherited Fallon Nuit's territory, was illegally ceded the Caribbean.
  • South America
    • South American Ambassador †
      • Killed by Fallon Nuit.
    • Fallon Nuit †
    • Carlos Rivera
      • Ceded to him by Fallon Nuit in The Awakening.
  • The Holy Land
    • Reserved for level 7.

Second Gens[edit | edit source]

Master Vampires keep a few male second gens as territorial bodyguards and second gen females as lair mates. Only their most trusted second gen females are allowed to be throat mates, due to the danger of an attempted coup. Second gen and below must remain topside, six feet under in graves or dark hiding places. Second and third gens are required to kill, then feed as turns aren't allowed.

Female second gens are designed for 2 things. Their primary function is to be a body shield for the master of the region. It's in their DNA to protect the line at all costs. They're designed to take daylight, arrows, stakes, whatever may threaten the master. The 5 strongest females will call to the master vampire. Hunting for and feeding him if he's injured or too lazy. If the master of the line is injured, it's in their DNA to track, feed and shelter them until well.

Their secondary function is to provide pleasure.

Fourth Gens[edit | edit source]

Fourth generation vampires can't make more vampires. Their bites will only produce madness and human family members that are predators, cannibals, serial killers and the like.

Fifth Gen & Below[edit | edit source]

Fifth generation and below vampires are considered by Council to be vermin. They're considered a subclass of a subclass, an embarrassment to all that the vampires hold dear. Anything below gen 4 can't produce fangs and their status in the ranks is considered negligible.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Vampires have black blood running through their bodies. It tastes bitter and metallic to humans and were demons.

Bats: Vampires disguised as bats have glowing red eyes and 'menacing' fangs.

Human: Vampires can project a human form indefinitely, though they can't cast a reflection. Their breath is said to smell like walking death.


  • Council-master:
  • Master: 6 - 8 inches
  • Second Gen:
  • Third Gen:
  • Fourth Gen: 2 inches

Reproduction[edit | edit source]

Vampires reproduce by converting a human with a single bite. It takes three days for a human to fully become a vampire. To fully turn a human immediately in one night or turn a new turn directly to a master is to break cosmic law.

Vampire blood in the food of humans is enough to keep them connected but not enough to actually turn them.

If a vampire is able to seduce and impregnate a willing Neteru, she can give birth to a daywalker. A vampire that is immune to the sunlight and can subsist on human food, though they'll retain their preference for blood. However, the older the Neteru gets, the more her antibodies will be more likely to cause a spontaneous abortion. The daywalker may be deformed, human or even Neteru human.

Hunger[edit | edit source]


Vampires need to consume human blood to sustain themselves. Guardian blood is said to be like a drug to vampires. Blood, terror and adrenaline will cause a hungry vampire to tremble. While they can drink blood from a bottle or other sources, it lacks the hormones and adrenaline kick that a fresh feed will have, thus causing them to need to consume even more blood. Attempting to consume normal food will cause the vampire to heave bile.


Alongside their constant thirst for blood, they have an unquenchable thirst for power. To prevent too many vampires from being created, they often break the victims neck before feeding or make the death look like an accident.


Vampires have a constant need for sex. Male master vampires are masters of illusion. They'll accommodate and respond to the desires of a female second gen they're trying to seduce.

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Hearing
    • Upon being turned, Carlos was able to hear a mouse being chased by an owl in the woods.
  • Superhuman Sight
    • Upon being turned, Carlos was able to make out the veins in the leaves of a tree in the distance.
  • Immortality
    • Sunlight and weapons can kill them. They need to feed. But they will never die naturally from aging and will never age in general.
  • Infectious Bite
    • Vampire Bites have the force of a great white shark.
  • Illusion
  • Telepathy
  • Transformation (Masters and second gens only.)
    • Human, Bat, Wolf, Panther, Mist, Smoke
      • Vampires can shape shift but prefer the superiority of being able to maintain the human form, denied to the other demon realms. They may also transform to leverage their advantage in a fight, use it to escape or drop a body in a gruesome way to send a message.
  • Voice projection
    • Vampires can project their voices to sound like a loved one or sound as if they're coming from a different direction than they are. But they lack a perfect pitch which can be detected by beings such as angels.
    • Along with being able to project their voice, they can also adjust their frequencies.
  • Invade Dreams on the Astral Plane.
  • Don't leave an odor trail
  • Fetal Connection
    • If a female is turned into a vampire and is killed, it's said to be as bad as a bite. The dark realms will sap the father of his life as if he had been bitten.
  • Marked Helpers
    • Vampires can mark a human as off limits.
    • Carlos notes in The Awakening that Paul Malloy had a tinge to his skin that created a think, dark aura around him.

Rivalries and Alliances[edit | edit source]

Were Demons:

Vampires loathe were demons. A master vampire's reflex is to hunt down any were demons in their territory, regardless of gender. They wouldn't allow them near their females or allow them to poach in their zones. Were demons will try to rush a master vamp, using strength in numbers and wouldn't directly draw them to their already limited feeding zones.

Destruction & Resurrection[edit | edit source]

They can be physically destroyed, but their darkened souls can be resurrected by Lucifer once they return to the Dark Realms, if he so chooses. However, mortal wounds such as being beheaded by the Isis Blade will prevent even Lucifer from resurrecting them. Two masters in a death battle will be temporarily immune to the Isis Blade.

Additionally, vampire souls can be prayed over for salvation. Though it's required that each soul the Light wants to save has to be named individually.

When killed, their bodies will turn to ash and crumble. Their bones may glow red before disintegrating.

  • Sunlight
    • UV light.
      • UV light doesn't immediately kill vampires and takes several minutes of exposure to kill them.
  • Wooden Stakes
    • When vampires are staked in-coffin, it will seal away a lair site.
  • Decapitation
  • Prayers
    • Prayers won't outright kill a vampire. However, they can cause them physical pain in their head, chest, etc. A vampire attempting to utter a prayer will have their tongue scorched. Vampires also can't cross prayer lines or enter into buildings protected by prayers.
  • Lack of Feeding
    • Vampires who don't properly feed after a battle will slowly decompose back to the state of their actual death. All battle wounds and injuries will manifest as well, before they finally die.

Basis[edit | edit source]

Vampire Council[edit | edit source]

The Vampire Council are loosely based off of companies like Halliburton. The Vampire Council are a bunch of old white men in hell, pulling strings to cause global war and murder. The black blood they drink is an allegory for oil. Additionally, the Drug Dealers are also all vampires due to the parasitic nature of real-world drug dealers on their communities.[1][2][3]

Master Vampires[edit | edit source]

Vampire feeding habits are based off the feeding habits of male and female lions. The female lions do all the work to take down the kill, only for the male lion to come in and feast first. The lair queens of a master vampire resemble the female lions of the pride and the male master vampire obviously resembles the male lion of the pride.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to Fallon Nuit, Vampires experience an erotic rush when they kill.
  • Vampires can't cast an image or reflection. In The Awakening, Carlos is able to view his glowing red eyes in the window of a minivan.
  • The only two known fifth and below gen vampires are both Guardians.

References[edit | edit source]

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