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Series # 1
Publisher(s) St. Martin's Paperback
ISBN 13: 9780312987015
Original Release Date May 04, 2003
Editions 13
Language(s) English, German, Italian
Audio Book Available Yes
Ebook Available Yes
Reading Order
Nothing Like the First Time
The Awakening

Minion is the first book in the Vampire Huntress Legend Series. It introduces Damali Richards - a young twenty year old black woman who is a Neteru, (a vampire huntress).

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Official[edit | edit source]

All Damali Richards ever wanted to do was create music and bring it to the people. Now she is a Spoken Word artist and the top act for Warriors of Light Records. But come nightfall, she hunts vampires and demons—predators that people tend to dismiss as myth or fantasy. But Damali and her Guardian team cannot afford such delusions, especially now, when a group of rogue vampires have been killing the artists of Warriors of Light and their rival, Blood Music. Strange attacks have also erupted within the club drug-trafficking network and drawn the attention of the police. These killings are a bit out of the ordinary, even for vampires. No neat puncture marks in the neck to show where the life's blood has been sucked from the body. These bodies have been mutilated beyond recognition, indicating a blood lust and thirst for destruction that surpasses any Damali has encountered before. Damali soon discovers that behind these brutal murders is the most powerful vampire she has ever met, and this seductive beast is coming for her next. But his unholy intentions have also drawn the focus of other hellish dark forces. Soon Damali finds herself being pulled deeper into the vast and horrifying vampire world.

Fan[edit | edit source]

Damali is a very influential spoken word artist who writes and produces all her material (a lot of which is based on her own life experiences). Damali was orphaned at an early age and her experiences in foster care led her to escape, starting her journey as a vampire huntress. Damali's guardian team is introduced, consisting of Marlene Stone, 'Shabazz', 'Big Mike', Jose, 'J.L.' and 'Rider'. Every member of the group possesses some sort of paranormal abilities.

Damali's team encounters an unusual breed of vampires, who differ from the "regular" ones in appearance and exude an odor so strong that it makes some of the team members physically sick. The protagonists eventually find out that these creatures are hybrids created by the traitor vampire Fallon Nuit, who refers to them as "The Minion".

Carlos Rivera is a young Hispanic drug lord seeking vengeance for his murdered friends and family, unaware that he is being led into a trap by none other than Fallon Nuit who sees plenty of potential evil and wants him to join his cause as a vampire.

In order to save himself, Damali and the guardian team, Carlos forms an alliance with the second-highest council of the dark side, the Vampire Council.

Characters[edit | edit source]

The Guardians[edit | edit source]

Vampire Council[edit | edit source]

The Minion[edit | edit source]

Other Characters[edit | edit source]

Alternate Editions and Publishers:[edit | edit source]

First Edition & Special Huntress Edition[edit | edit source]

The Special Huntress Edition of Minion includes an alternate intro as well as an encounter on the astral plane between Damali and Fallon Nuit. The battles and fight scenes have also been sped up.

Before the prologue of Minion is a bit of backstory about The Legend. The first edition of the story starts in the backstage room of the Philly gig the Warriors of Light had just finished performing, now breaking down equipment in preparation to fight vampires who made an appearance during the gig. The entire chapter was cut from the Special Huntress Edition. The lost chapter contains numerous differences, names and bits of backstory and lore that are either not referenced again or only hinted at.

Differences[edit | edit source]

Chapter 2 (First Edition) and chapter 1 (Special Huntress Edition) has been re-written partially. Wording has changed and emphasis has been placed on different things. A full list of changes is unknown.

Prologue to Chapter 1 (First Edition) - Prologue to Chapter 2 (Special Huntress Edition)

  1. Shabazz wears a star and crescent and Jose wears a silver cross. This is never mentioned at any other point in the entire book.
  2. Jose is referred to as Wizard. Aside from the official website[1], VHLS Sampler and one other time in Minion, Jose is never referred to as Wizard ever again.
  3. J.L. is referred to as Joe Leung several times. This might be the only time in the entire series he is ever referred to by his full name. The only other sources of note that he is named directly are in the VHLS Sampler and his official character dossier[2].
  4. Jack Rider is referred to by his actual name, Jake or Jacob several times. He is referred to by this name only a handful of times in Minion, Make it Last Forever, the VHLS Sampler and his official character dossier[3]. Otherwise, he is always referred to as Jack or simply Rider.
  5. Damali has an attitude that seems out of character. She knows about the Isis blade and mentions it several times, noting that she wants it. She seems to be in charge of the team and is noticeably annoyed when Marlene gives orders to the team.
  6. Raven is not only mentioned but noted to be a loved one of Marlene.
  7. Dee Dee and the other deceased members of the Neteru Guardian Team are mentioned. With sparse details about them, such as Dee Dee's age and their nationalities, origin, etc. that are never mentioned again in the series. The characters themselves are only ever mentioned 1 or 2 other times in passing.
  8. The roles of every member of the band are mentioned.
  9. The team mentions why Dan is being fired (for his safety), which is completely glossed over in the Special Huntress Edition and The Awakening. Shabazz is noted as being the team's original limo driver, who will replace Dan. Marlene used to be in charge of setting up gigs, who passed the job to Dan upon his hiring.
  10. Each team member's abilities are mentioned.
  11. Shabazz calls Marlene baby. Their relationship is only hinted at otherwise.
  12. The Special Huntress Edition has a scene where Shabazz and Marlene meet Damali in a club and take her off the streets. This is lacking in the first edition.

Italian Translation[edit | edit source]

German Translation[edit | edit source]

UK Edition[edit | edit source]

Awards[edit | edit source]

  1. UNBOUND WORLDS list of 100 best horror novels of all time. [4][5][6]
  2. NPR 100 Best Horror Novels and Stories. [7][8][9][10]

L.A. Banks reads Minion intro[edit | edit source]

"LIVE at the Writers House" is a long-standing collaboration of the people of the Kelly Writers House and of WXPN FM (88.5). Six times annually between September and April, the Writers House airs a one-hour broadcast of poetry, music, and other spoken-word art, along with one musical guest -- from our Arts Cafe onto the airwaves at WXPN. "LIVE" is broadcast on WXPN. "LIVE" is made possible through the generous support of BigRoc.[11] Episode 72 taped on 10/20/08 and aired on 88.5 WXPN on 10/27/08.[12][13]

Cover Art Gallery[edit | edit source]

In Other Languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
English UK
Flag of the United States.png
Minion (First Edition)
Minion: Special Huntress Edition (Mass Marker Paperback)
German Flag of Germany.png In Den Fängen Der Dunkelheit
In the Clutches of Darkness
Italian Flag of Italy.png Minion: La Leggenda Di Damali, La Cacciatrice Di Vampiri
The Legend of Damali: The Vampire Slayer

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Minion is the only book in the series to be officially translated to German.

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References[edit | edit source]

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