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Demons can refer to several different types of entities from Hell.

Demons are minions of Lucifer. They're usually locked to a location such as a house or building or even a host body they've possessed. Demons have to be released or conjured via. black magic by an entity with a soul.

Demons are created by the deepest, darkest thoughts by humans. The thoughts create the demon's density, thus determining its level.

Types of Demons[edit | edit source]

Were Demons[edit | edit source]

Were demons are released on earth through portals or curses levied by humans with souls. They feast on humans topside as well as the souls of The Damned in hell. They're excellent trackers but a master vampire will give them pause

Physiology[edit | edit source]

Glowing yellow eyes, golden eyes. Low moving, misshapen forms.

Panthers, Jaguars, Bears, Wolves and other earthly predators made hybrid with humans stalk the black forest.

Reproduction[edit | edit source]

Were sexual energy is raw, unshakable and violent. It's touched by the phases of the moon.

Amanthra's[edit | edit source]

Amanthra's are a revenge demon lurking just beneath the surface and is drawn by human emotions of jealousy, vengeance, blind anger, envy and pure thirst.

Physiology[edit | edit source]

Amanthra's are snake based creatures of deception. They swallow their victims whole, consume them and spit them back up, allowing their venom to do the rest. They're green-eyed monsters that hiss.

They resemble a cross between a snake, huge spider and a panther. They have a scaly facial appearance, movements and power. They hiss like snakes but have big cat qualities, similar to a panther, growling in a low rumble. Their jaws unhinge to attack and their bites are deeper than that of a vampires. They have retractable claws and joints that can turn backwards. They eat flesh and can climb walls like a spider.[1]

Some have the distorted attributes of other animals, giving them snake-based bodies with weird limbs, claws and matted fur in strange places. Many species are dragon-like, with huge talons and large, leathery wings. Giving them the appearance of fierce, predatory birds. Some are snake like and don't have any additional limbs, while others are Sphinx-like with a marriage of feline, serpentine and dragon. Fallon Nuit made an alliance with the more advanced species.[2]

During the Raise the Dead concert, a different type of Amanthra's were described.

They were grotesque, slithering, greenish nude, flat-skulled human bodies that have a serpents tail instead a legs. They had yellow-eyes and massive, acid-dripping viper-fangs and 'grotesque claws'.

Depending on how they were killed, they'd turn into pools of bubbling ooze or explode into green gook and entrails if staked. Holy water grenades would ignite and then cause their heads to explode. They left behind sulfuric smoke on death. Upon being beheaded, their spindly necks would ooze green blood and gore like a geyser.

Snakes: Fallon Nuit as a large snake-demon appeared as a massive, muscular, shiny black snake the width of a mans body with quarter sized scales

Reproduction[edit | edit source]

Summoning[edit | edit source]

There's legends from South America and ancient Kemet where the three creatures aspects that make up the demon reside, which requires rituals from those cultures. Marlene Stone implies that demons can be creates or summoned and then later re-summoned.

Possession[edit | edit source]

According to Carlos Rivera, demons poses bodies that are recently dead or not yet known to be dead by humans. They cast an illusion to hide the decay but still smell horribly.

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • They can create a sound bubble.
  • Demons can posses a host body.

Destruction & Resurrection[edit | edit source]

When possessing a human, the demon inside will flee the body and torch, leaving the human body behind to die a natural death. Survivors of their bites can have the bite exorcised.

Wooden stakes won't kill them like they do with a vampire.

References[edit | edit source]


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