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Tara Rider
Tara Rider profile.jpg
Alias(es) Tara
Age 18 (Make it Last Forever)
42 (Minion)
60 (Shadow Walker)
D.O.B 1961
Gender Female
Race Native-American
Species Human (Formerly)
Vampire (Formerly)
Human-Vampire Hybrid
Status Alive
Allegiance The Light
Neteru Guardian Team
Residence Neteru Guardian Compound
Family Jack Rider (Husband)
Tamara Rider (Daughter)
Yolando (Ex-Vamp Mate)
Guardian Type Seer

Tara Rider is the wife of Jack Rider and mother to Tami Rider. She's a former vampire and only 1 of 5 known to be pardoned by the light across the Vampire Huntress Legend series. During the events of the short story "Make it Last Forever" which takes place in 1979, she is said to be only 18 years old when turned, placing her date of birth somewhere around 1961.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

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Appearances[edit | edit source]

Minion[edit | edit source]

Mentioned only by Rider. While doing 2 by 2 detail, watching the morgue in LA, waiting for Carlos' boys to wake up, Rider tells Damali about his old love who used to ride on the back of his Harley as he drove across the US. He claimed he had to put a stake in her heart after she was turned.

The Hunted[edit | edit source]

Carlos mentally notes that Tara was turned, but Rider never had the heart to kill her out of love.

Make it Last Forever[edit | edit source]

The Bitten[edit | edit source]

The Forbidden[edit | edit source]

The Damned[edit | edit source]

The Forsaken[edit | edit source]

Ride the Night Wind[edit | edit source]

The Wicked[edit | edit source]

The Cursed[edit | edit source]

The Darkness[edit | edit source]

The Shadows[edit | edit source]

The Thirteenth[edit | edit source]

Dawn and Darkness[edit | edit source]

Shadow Walker[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tara's step-grandfather is the paternal grandfather of Jose Ciponte.
  • Both Tara and Jose are members of Carlos' vamp-lineage.

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