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Wil Archer is the son of Desmonda and Michael Archer. He's a student of the Temt Tchaas Academy

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Wil's parents had met in Italy while Michael Archer was on a campaign there. Wil's mother quickly became pregnant and gave birth to Wil. Wil was raised by his mother in what used to be Italy until he was three years old, at which point his mother was killed trying to keep Walkers away from the compound they were living in. After hearing about Wil's mother's death, Wil's father came for Wil and took him back to his compound in old Boston, where Wil stayed until he was thirteen years old. Then Archer sent Wil back to Italy for two years so that Wil could get to know some of his mother's people, and to train. At the time Boston was also under seige, and the trip to Europe was also to keep Wil out of harm's way. The summer before Shadow Walker begins, Wil was called back to Boston to help in the final stages of the battle to save Boston, but in the end Boston fell. Soon after, Wil started a relationship with Patty Grey, who he'd known and lived with in the Boston compound for a time, but it didn't last. Not long after, Wil's father went back to Italy, and Wil chose to accompany him.

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